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Top 10 Awesome Ways To Make Money On The Internet And Achieve Financial Freedom

People are getting frustrated with conventional, time-demanding and location-specific jobs. They are of the feeling that their freedom is being curtailed. They are exploring all sorts of alternative opportunities to make money on the Internet and achieve financial freedom. As a consequence a clear paradigm shift in lifestyle design is taking place.

Here are top 10 Awesome ways people are experimenting and making six figures plus income. Have a deep diving of new lifestyle experiences and emulate if it is inspiring to you.

1. Blogging (Catching Up With Change And Turning Into A Business):

Blogging is quite a buzz. One can express his or her feelings, experiences to the people. It is attracting more and more popular attention and many people getting habituated with blogging. Everyone is seeking to be part of this change. Many people are opting blogging as a profession to make money on the Internet. However, the two persons exercising impact on me are Darren Rowse and Yaro starak.

Darren Rowse: www.problogger.net

make money on the internet

He is full time blogger and making a living from blogs. He becomes an authority and gained considerable recognition and reputation in the blogosphere. For many aspiring bloggers, he is a mentor.

Yaro Starak: www.entrepreneurs-journey.com

make money on the internet

He is a passionate successful blogger and internet marketer earning a 6 figure income working from home. I was so impressed listening to his podcast interviews.

2. Internet Marketing (Leveraging Technology For Business Expansion)

The growth of online shopping is considerably increasing. Selling online is scaling up and spreading  to  major towns all over the world. Many E– commerce hubs are developed. E -Bay has more than 20 lakhs active users. Face book surpassed 100 million visitors. Dell attributed 6.5 million dollars revenue to twitter.

It is against this background online marketing is a very promising entrepreneurial activity for young people who are contemplating a change in their life styles.  I have noticed the following people whose achievements are worth mentioning.

Andrew-Daryl: www.andrewanddaryl.com

make money on the internet

Andrew – Daryl grant are selling e-books online and said to be made $ 250,000 in their first 12 months. Now, they become authority for finding niches, conducting market research, outsourcing the production of quality books and marketing and delivering the products through the internet.

Adam Short: www.nicheprofitclassroom.com

make money on the internet

Adam short is an internet marketer, who specializes in building niche sites. He figures out profitable niches and designs the website and manage to rank within the top 10 Google search results. It is fairly less expensive and guaranteed method in online marketing.

Matt Wegrzyn: www.bodis.com

make money on the internet

He is a very young and successful internet marketer. He makes living, buying and selling domains.

3. Book Writing (Leveraging People Shift In Beliefs):

It is being discussed that Conventional authors who depends on publishers for marketing their books are losing the ground and success is eluding them. However a few people who are unconventional and leveraging the internet and social media are so successful and making a fortune.

Tim Ferriss: www.fourhourworkweek.com

make money on the internet

Tim is an aggressive and innovative marketer fully leveraging the power of the internet. He is author of Book “The 4 Hour workweek” which was a Newyork times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller. He is known for his application of the pareto’s principle and Parkinson’s law to business and personal life.  He is rocking the internet with his book which inspiring many people to change their lifestyle and get liberated from conventional jobs. Have a look at 4 Hour workweek case studies.

Seth Godin: www.sethgodin.com

make money on the internet

Seth is an expert in marketing and leadership and author of 11 bestselling books including “Purple cow”, “Tribe”. For Tribes, Godin launched an exclusive online community for the first 3000 people who pre-ordered the book.  Chris Brogan, Jonathan field and many other are also very successful in this field.

4.Public Speaking (Passion Plus Entrepreneurship):

Many people are making a living pursuing the passion of public speaking.

Dr. Joanna Martin: www.joannamartin.com

make money on the internet

Joanna left medical Profession carried away by her passion to speak. She makes incredible 7 figures + money speaking around the world, speaking about how to speak.

5.Travelling (Combining The Passion With Entrepreneurial Ambitions):

Can you believe one person who is travelling all over the world as a traveler also making a living?

Chris Guillebeau: www.chrisguillebeau.com

make money on the internet

He is a modern day nomad travelling around the globe. He dreams to visit every country in the world and already visited more than 80 countries. What is so fascinating about him is that he combines travel pursuits with entrepreneurial ambitions. He is a blogger, book writer, traveller and online entrepreneur put together. His success is incredible and inspiration to many others.

6. Out Sourcing To Achieve Financial Freedom:

All of us know what outsourcing is about. Generally, companies outsource non-core, technically demanding works to others, to focus their core activities. However, certain people leveraging the opportunity of out sourcing unconventionally and creating virtual companies.

Austin Evarts: www.fullfoundation.com

make money on the internet

Austin is the founder of “full foundation” and created 2 startup companies while he was outside the country. He uses virtual marketing assistants through elance.com.  The principles Austin believes and following are location independence, outsourcing and empowering employees.

7. Interviewing (Leveraging Experts Skills):

Stanley Tang: www.stanleytang.com

make money on the internet

A 16 years old entrepreneur, bestselling author from hong kong is a case study worth attention. His book “e- millions” behind – the Scenes stories of 14 successful internet millionaires is based on the interviews he conducted with 14 internet marketers. This is a story really motivating and vindicating that age is not a factor to pursue the passions. It is also proving that passion surpasses all the hurdles and drives you to the desired destination.

8. Video Blogging To Expand The Business:

Gary Vainer Chuk : www.garyvaynerchuk.com

make money on the internet

Gary gained fame as the host of Wine Library TV, a daily internet Webcast on the subject of wine. He built a multimillion Dollar Empire around a video blog.

9.  Teaching About Online Marketing:

Many internet marketers are making substantial fortune teaching others about online marketing. Two persons who drawn my attention and worth mentioning for inspiration and emulation.

Shama Kabani: www.shama.tv.

make money on the internet

Shama Kabani is an online marketing expert and founder of The Marketing Zen Group, a full service online marketing firm that serves clients around the world. She is specialized in social media marketing and well known for video blogging and speaking engagements.

Neil Patel: www.quicksprout.com

make money on the internet

He is the co founder of two internet companies’ crazy egg and kiss metrics. He is helping large corporations including AOL, General Motors. He is one of the top influencers on the internet according to the wall street journal.

10. Inspiring Others (Combining Social Responsibility With Entrepreneurial Ambition):

Steve Pavlina: www.stevepavlina.com

make money on the internet

Inspiring others is an age old profession and many people pursuing that path. One person, however, attracted my attention who is leveraging the internet to inspire the people. He is none other than Mr. Steve Pavlina. He needs no introduction in the internet arena. In fact, his case study is an inspiring factor to change my carrier path.

Paradigm Shift In Choosing The Carriers:

It seems that there is a clear paradigm shift in choosing the carriers. People want more from the life with minimal efforts. They do not want to give up their freedom for the sake of employment. Thanks to the internet which made life easier and intelligent people are fully leveraging the internet.

A keen Observation of the trends reveals that people are fed up with conventional jobs. They want to liberate from location-specific and time-demanding jobs. They are trying to focus core activities employing the principles of 80/20 and Parkinson law in their personal and professional lives to get more out of their lives. It is time for such people to grab the opportunities to achieve financial freedom.

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