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Women Entrepreneurship: All Women Are Endowed With Innate Power That Can Make Them Successful Entrepreneurs.

Women Entrepreneurship Is Inherent And Also A Natural Process:

Maternity is a creative capacity involving risk of life. Maternal instincts generate enormous strength and determination thatWomen Entrepreneurship drive the fear away from them. Courageousness and determination that generate at the time of maternity are in born. These characters generate within themselves and not come from elsewhere. Women empowerment becomes reality by nurturing their innate qualities of entrepreneurship.

Women Is Naturally Endowed With The Qualities Of Entrepreneurship:

My second sister got married, and we are quite happy for she was blessed with good husband and in-laws. However, our happiness short lived as she had miscarriages. Every couple dream of children in their initial days of marital life, elders also eagerly await the grandchildren. Their happiness gets delayed for months and years, and they could not conquer the Frustration and anxiety. The problem diagnosed was the incompetent cervix. We feared a lot when she got Pregnancy again. We approached the Senior Gynecologist who assured that the problem could be resolved by stitching up the cervix. With this advice hope was regenerated. After three months doctor stitched up the cervix and advised complete bed rest under her supervision in the hospital.

Women EntrepreneurshipFrom that time onwards she was on bed for more than 5 months. She has undergone trauma of immovable life. We are very anxious. However, she displayed a lot of Patience and courage. At last there was a sign of relief among all the members of the family, as she gave birth to a baby girl “bless y”. The way my sister demonstrated her patience and maturity surprised us. I realized that women are naturally blessed with the qualities of entrepreneurship. I also realized that women entrepreneurship and women empowerment would be the realities of tomorrow. This is a usual phenomenon in the life of any woman.

Every woman undergoes a risk of life to bring life into this world. Women do not deny motherhood on the plea of risk is involved. Their maternal instincts overcome the thoughts of risk to life. Women have the innate ability to face the risk of life with firm courage. This is an essential quality for Entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurship is therefore, a natural process for women. Encouragement of women entrepreneurs are the only solution for women empowerment.

Entrepreneurship Is Like Giving Birth To A Child:

Entrepreneurship is like giving birth to a child. The Women’s Love of child overcomes the risk of life. The entrepreneur overcomes the risk of loss with the passion of entrepreneurship. Bringing life by the women is experiencing the inborn creative capacity. When you are creating an enterprise you are experiencing your creative capacity.

Women Entrepreneurship Can Only Bring About Women Empowerment:

When women bring life into this world, it contributes to the society. When anWomen Entrepreneurship entrepreneur creates an enterprise it generates employment, create wealth. Entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for the development of any nation. Hence the contributions of women entrepreneurs are a prerequisite for nation building. Women entrepreneurship, women empowerment and nation building are therefore, synonymous.

Women are naturally endowed with the emotions of love. This positive energy could be used managing human resources efficiently. All the women have all the resources to manage an enterprise. Women entrepreneurship can only bring about women empowerment. Social entrepreneurship can eliminate the ignorance and poverty.

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